Other Services

Each of our Women’s Centers offer services beyond abortion care. If you are interested in general well-woman care or other services, please call your local Women’s Center. These are some of the services typically offered:

Walk-in pregnancy testing

Urine pregnancy tests are offered at all of our centers and results are given in private by counseling staff.

Emergency Contraception
Emergency contraception, more commonly known as the “morning after pill,” is a contraceptive or birth control method that can prevent pregnancy immediately after unprotected sexual intercourse or contraceptive failure, but before pregnancy begins.  Reasons for unprotected sex and contraceptive failure vary greatly, but some situations include sexual assault or rape, condom breakage, skipped or missed pill or not having access to a contraceptive method during the time of intercourse.

For more information about the different types of emergency contraception that are available, click here.

Well-Woman Care, Birth Control & STI Testing and Treatment

Well woman exams typically include Pap Smear and STI testing, annual exams and breast exams. Our Centers also provide comprehensive women’s health care and treatment and a wide range of birth control methods including: the birth control bill, the vaginal ring, the implant, the Depo shot, hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs and non-surgical sterilization.

Ultrasound for Gestational Sizing

Our Centers offer ultrasound services that are fast and convenient and will be able to determine where you are in your pregnancy.  Our ultrasound scan is only used to determine the length of your pregnancy and will not be able to detect sex, or any fetal health problems or abnormalities.  If you have questions about your ultrasound, you will be able to meet with a staff member who can address any concerns about the results and will be able to refer you for additional testing, if necessary.  If you decide to schedule an abortion procedure, the ultrasound fee will be applied to the cost of your procedure.

Options Counseling and Post-Abortion Counseling

Because we understand that the decision to terminate a pregnancy can be a difficult one for many women to make, we offer pre- and post-abortion counseling to women who request it. There is no right or wrong way to feel before or after an abortion.

Options counseling allows you to come in and speak with one of our skilled counselors your feelings about your pregnancy and discuss your options  including abortion, adoption and parenthood. These sessions are designed to give the you the resources you need to make a decision about your pregnancy without pressure from family, partner, or friends.

Post-abortion counseling is offered to our patients who feel that they need or want someone to talk to about their feelings after having a procedure at our facility. You can request counseling on the day of your procedure or you can call later to request counseling if you feel you need to talk. We can also offer you referrals to private therapists or other counseling services at your request.